We are delighted to be working with Fred Safety. In our first aid classes, we teach parents, carers and children about how to (and how not to) treat burns. Often, we see images of burns in the media around Bonfire Night when the sparklers and fireworks come out.

In reality, the most common place for children to receive a burn injury is at home. Scald injuries happen all year round and the most common cause is hot drinks so it is really important we remember to keep those hot drinks away from little hands! Obviously, accident prevention comes first and foremost so here are a few other tips:

In the Kitchen:

  • Keep all appliance cords away from counter edges (and young children trying to pull at them!)
  • Turn saucepan handles away from the stove and use the back hobs when possible
  • If you place hot items on the table, keep them out of reach of little hands

In the Bathroom:

  • Put cold water in the bath first and then add the hot water. Mix the water well to make sure there are no hot spots.
  • Check bath water temperature with a special thermometer (it should ideally be 37-38 degrees C) or by using your elbow. The water should be neither hot nor cold.