The Easter holidays are fast approaching, are you wondering how to keep your little ones entertained? It can be hard to plan ideas for long holidays together, particularly when you are balancing the needs of a busy toddler or pre-schooler with the demands of a new baby. The Lascal BuggyBoard is designed with these demands in mind and allows families to enjoy easy days out and unforgettable adventures because it keeps your little ones close, whilst giving your older child the freedom to explore and enjoy every activity.

Follow our ideas for fun to have with your BuggyBoard® for an easy and memorable Easter together…

Go on an Easter Egg hunt

There are hundreds of organised Easter egg hunt events happening all over the UK this April, the National Trust have teamed up with Cadbury’s again to offer their Easter egg hunts but there are lots of independent ones too, take a look online and find your nearest one for fun for all the family.

Your toddler will love hopping down from their BuggyBoard® to hunt for eggs and when their legs get tired, they can hop back up again so your little bunny will be bouncy for longer!

Discover somewhere new

The holidays are a great time to break the mould and try something new. If you always stick to the same walks when you are out getting fresh air with your little ones, then why not use this as an opportunity to discover somewhere new? We are incredibly lucky to have so many green spaces in this country, even if you live in the heart of London or any busy city, there will almost certainly be a park that you haven’t tried yet.

Take your buggy and your BuggyBoard® with you and you can go further without worrying about getting grumpy, tired toddlers home again. They will love running around and exploring new ground and then when they are tired, they can retreat to the safe haven of their BuggyBoard® and relax while you walk them home.

Visit a farmer’s market

There are so many amazing farmers markets happening around the UK now that there is sure to be one local to you. They are an excellent opportunity to explore new tastes and discover local produce with your children as most of the stalls have free tasters to give away. Many have animals too which they will love seeing and you can have a really fun day out without having to spend a penny!

Farmers markets are often arranged along a High Street and can get very busy but with the BuggyBoard® you know that your toddler is safe inside the parameters of your buggy and won’t be getting jostled around by other shoppers. This allows you to use a single buggy instead of a bulky double buggy which is far more convenient for navigating narrow streets and crowds of people.