A Healthy Kitchen, A Healthy Family

No one told you when you became a parent exactly how much catering would be involved. Sometimes it feels like your children are hungry all the time. It’s not just breakfast, lunch and dinner, it’s all the other snacks in between. Being a parent involves a lot of cooking, so it’s important that you keep your kitchen nice and clean. Antimicrobial countertops are a natural and safe way of warding off harmful bacteria that can make you and your children ill. 

All natural counter tops

If you are concerned about food safety then natural silicone quartz countertops have antimicrobial properties which help to prevent the spread of bacteria. With cases of Norovirus at a five year high, they are a good investment to help keep your kitchen clean and hygienic. Copper is another great antimicrobial material for counter tops that kills bacteria, it is also very stylish. Copper is being used more and more in restaurants. 

Children’s immune systems

Children can be really prone to food poisoning because their immune systems are not fully developed yet. We need to be careful and try and eliminate as much bacteria as possible in the food preparation area. It is a scary fact that the chopping boards in your kitchen can carry 200% more bacteria than the average toilet seat. And then there’s the kitchen sink that can host 100,000 more germs than the loo. Not pleasant. Keeping babies and children safe is the most important job in the world, and keeping the kitchen clean can stop bacteria from rapidly multiplying.