Your garden is the best place for your child to explore nature, satisfy their curiosity, and let off that extra bit of energy. In the garden, they can develop, play and rejuvenate. But kids are kids and their curiosity has no limits. Before you know it, they’re wandering into a thorny shrub, or slipping their tiny fingers in an uncovered drain. Sometimes even they can find their way into the garden shed where you keep the power tools. You’ve already baby-proofed your home, now let’s see what you can do about your garden to make it a safe place for them.

Create fences

Fences are there to protect your kids but also to make sure they don’t wander off. When a child sees something even mildly interesting, say in the neighbour’s yard, they’ll stop at nothing to get there. All in the few minutes it takes you to make a cup of tea. For their safety and your own piece of mind, surround the play areas with high fences that they cannot get through.  As your child gets taller, so should the fences.

Secure the gates

With the fences fixed, mended, and in place, now it’s time to turn your attention to the gates. Child-proofing the gates with good locking mechanisms is the best way to keep them secure. Remember you’re not just doing this to keep them from getting out, but also to keep others from getting in. So a solid lock will guarantee they won’t go anywhere.