If you are expecting your second baby, then you will probably be asking yourself what’s the best way to get around with two children in tow? The double buggy was the traditional answer to this age-old question, but it might not be the most convenient option….

Introducing the BuggyBoard®

If you haven’t heard of a BuggyBoard® before, it’s a handy little step that fits on the back of a single buggy so your toddler can ride along behind your baby and step down when they want to walk. It is perfect for children who are walking and up until they are around 4 years old. The Lascal BuggyBoard® even has a handy seat accessory which can click on too for when their legs get tired.

The universal design clips on to any buggy so you don’t need to buy a new buggy when your second baby arrives. Your can clip it up when it isn’t in use, so you have the convenience of a normal single buggy that converts when you need it to accommodate both children, but you won’t be forced to kart around a large double buggy all the time.