When there is a demanding little person to look after, the simplest of tasks can seem impossible – having a shower, going food shopping, simply getting out of the house – can all seem a Herculean task. But there are ways that we can make our lives easier. Babywearing aka carrying your baby in a sling, wrap or carrier is a great way to free your hands, keep your baby kissably close and better navigate life with kids.

Research confirms that babywearing promotes their physical, social and cognitive development, can help reduce colicky symptoms and even crying. For you, the parent, simple tasks such as nipping out for a pint of milk will be a doddle, you might get the chance to enjoy a cup of coffee whilst it’s still hot (although I make no promises on that point!) and if you have toddlers too, there is something utterly wonderful about carrying an infant ‘hands free’ whilst still being able to hold hands with older children.