Can you breastfeed in your wrap or carrier? It’s a good question, and whilst many carriers advertise a ‘breastfeeding’ position, how practical or even possible is it to get completely mobile whilst breastfeeding?

The answer, as with so many parenting questions, is “it depends”. So, what does it depend on? Emily Williamson, experienced Carrying Consultant and designer of the Izmi range of Baby Carriers and Wraps gives us the lowdown.

Emily, in your experience, is it possible to breastfeed in a wrap or carrier?

Breastfeeding is such a personal experience, and varies from mum to mum and from baby to baby. So yes, many mums find that it is possible to use a wrap, sling or carrier to support discreet breastfeeding, though when and how this works varies greatly between individuals.

Breastfeeding within a sling or carrier is not always possible for everyone and will depend on your baby’s stage and their preferred feeding position, your body shape and the carrier you’re using. Do give it a try, but don’t be discouraged if it’s not completely hands-free, or if it doesn’t work easily for you at first. You may find it works better with some practice, or when your baby is older.