You know that your baby is going to start moving at about 9 months, so how does it still come as a surprise? I was certainly caught on the hop, my son suddenly moving around the house before I had a chance to get it baby safe. Like many parents in a rented home there was a limited amount we were allowed to do, and an even smaller budget, so we had to get imaginative. We found ourselves scurrying around the house changing things around, there's a lot you can do without spending a penny....

1. Stairs. Until you are able to install a safety gate, keep the door shut so your baby stays in the room with you - even the loo!

2. Windows. Move beds, chests of drawers, cabinets or anything else that a child can climb onto away from windows.

3. Stove. Get in the habit of using the back burners of your stove and angling pan handles away from the edge.

4. Hot drinks. Keep cups and any glass or china out of your child's reach in the centre of a table, and don’t carry your baby and hot drink at the same time.

5. Poisons. Move household chemicals, medicines, and any other poisons out of lower cupboards and out of your child's reach.