While you would love nothing more than to take your little ones on memory-filled trips around the city, going on any type of day trip with two or three children in tow can be a bit overwhelming.

That doesn't mean you should forgo it altogether, though. Here are a few tips that will make this type of outing a lot more fun for you.


Outings With Your Children

Once you've chosen the destination, you'll need to do a bit of prep work.

Buy the Best Pushchair - The best pushchair will not only be comfortable for you to push, but will have plenty of features that make your outing easier. Some features to look for are padded seats, shopping baskets, weatherproof carrycot aprons, rain covers, and padded harness protectors. This will ensure your baby is safe and there's plenty of storage space for all his necessary items.

A BuggyboardBuggyboard from Lascal is great for growing toddlers who will love to see the world go by as they stand on the ride-on platform. Toddlers tire easily so it’s a handy way to get about with a new walker, safe in the knowledge that they can have a ride when tired.

Healthy Snacks – carrot sticks, slices of apple (wiped with a slice of lemon to stop them browning) and salt-free breadsticks are easy to pack snacks that will keep the kids going.

• Pack More Than you Need - You don't know how long the queue will be for the museum or the zoo, so don't be caught empty-handed. Your changing bag should contain more than you think you need, just in case. Snacks, favourite toys, extra baby clothes, and extra nappies could save your sanity.

Worried about your first outing with more than one child? While it may be overwhelming, these are steps you can take to make it easier.