We were thrilled to see this lovely review of the Love Your Bump BellyBelt by Fertile Mind on the Stylish Bump blog and wanted to share it with you all.


When you find a product you love you tend to tell all your friends about it. But when you find a product that you not only love, but changes your life, then you tell EVERYONE about it!

That’s pretty much the case with these two products I discovered during my first pregnancy, and subsequently used for all three pregnancies, both from Fertile Mind. Fertile Mind is an Australian company that sells maternity wear, nursing bras and clothes, shape wear, lingerie, baby carriers, the fantastic Milkbar Lifestyle pillow and invented the BellyBelt.


Some women are lucky enough to go through their entire pregnancy wearing their regular wardrobe, others need to buy maternity wear in their first few weeks! I was somewhere in between, and know just how frustrating it can be trying to find stylish maternity wear.

As I love wearing jeans I was THRILLED to discover the BellyBelt in my first pregnancy. A small piece of elastic that fits over the button and through the hole, it turns your regular jeans, pants and skirts into maternity wear, meaning you can wear your own clothes for much longer during your pregnancy.

As your bump grows, the BellyBelt stretches, or you just size up to the next length. Then you just cover it up with long tops or tunics. Easy!