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Coming to the decision that it’s time to potty train your little one is the easy part; actually doing it is another story altogether. Some children are easy to potty train. They decide for themselves that they want to go on the potty and require very little suggestion from you. Others must be encouraged and taught how to use the potty in order for the process to be successful.

If you’re ready for your little one to give up the nappies and use the potty, here are a few tips that will make success a lot easier.

Mastering Potty Training

Choose the Best Time of Year- Some parents believe that as soon as their child turns a certain age, they have to begin potty training. That isn’t always the easiest for mum or baby, though. While it’s important for your child to be potty trained before they begin school, choosing the right time of year, instead of relying on their age itself, can make all the difference. Spring and summer are the best seasons for potty training because the days are longer, there’s more time for you to help your baby master potty training, and warmer days mean fewer baby clothes. While potty training can happy during any season, these two times of year can make it easier.


  • No one Size Fits all

    There is no such thing as the perfect potty training method because every child is different. Some may react better to rewards, while others may enjoy having certain toys or books they can only use when on the potty chair. Tailor your approach to how your child learns.


  • Be Open

    If the door to the loo is always closed, your child may not fully understand what goes on in that room. When you finally introduce him or her to the potty chair, they may become overwhelmed and scared at the newness of it all. If possible, be as open and honest with them as you can. From the time they are mobile, allow them to come into the loo with you, and explain what you are doing if you are comfortable doing so. They may not understand at first, but babies love to mimic their parents. By introducing them to the concept of ‘using the potty’ early, they may catch on that much quicker.


  • Introduce Their Potty Chair

    When your baby first begins showing signs that he or she is ready for the potty chair, introduce them to one as early as possible. Purchase one that they can call their own. Children love ownership, so make sure they know it is theirs by wrapping it and presenting it to them as a gift. Show them how it works and allow them to carry it with them wherever they go so they can use it at any time.


  • The Right Baby Clothes

    The right baby clothes can make all the difference when it comes to potty training. Opt for baby clothes that are easy for your little one to pull down and pull up on their own so they can use the potty independently. Nappies and pants that allow your baby to feel when they become wet are also great options; most toddlers won’t like the feeling and will make more of an effort to get to the potty before it happens again.


Having trouble potty training your tot? Consider this expert baby advice the next time you begin potty training. It doesn’t have to be so hard when you have the right tips.