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Our 5 Top bath and sleep tips for a successful bedtime routine

Having a bedtime routine for your baby or toddler is an easy and effective way to signal to them that sleep is approaching. We’d like to share our top 5 steps to success, featuring some of our favourite products to help you with your bedtime routine..

1. Pick a time to start

Stick to a time that suits both you and your baby. Ideally after they have had their meal for the evening. If this timing is kept more or less consistent, your baby’s internal body clock will sense that it is time to settle.

2. Unwind with a warm bath

A cosy lukewarm bath is an excellent way to signal that you are getting settled for the evening. It is a good idea to give them two or three baths a week to keep them fresh, however if your baby really loves the water it is safe to have daily bath times.

You can make bath times a breeze for you and your baby with the soft touch Cheeky Rascals Bath Support for hands-free bath times.

This can be used inside an adult-sized bath or the purpose made Cheeky Rascals Baby Bath.

3. Gentle dry and moisturise

After bath time it is a good idea to give your baby a warm and gentle dry. This is also the perfect opportunity to use your favourite baby oils and moisturisers to give your baby a little pamper before bedtime.

A nursery heater is a good way to make sure babies are kept at a constant temperature after leaving a warm bath.

The medical standard Reer Nursery Heater provides instant and safe direct heat where and when you need it, whether after bath time or during regular nappy changing.

4. One last milk feed

Babies generally have a better chance of a good night’s sleep with a full tummy. One they have had their bath and pamper this would be a good time for their pre bedtime milk. When finished don’t forget to get those burps out before laying them down!

Want to save time when making formula bottles? Check out the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced, a formula prep machine that mixes, heats and dispenses baby formula to the perfect consistency and temperature i as little as 15 seconds!

5. Choose your bedtime clothing

We recommend using Love To DreamTM swaddles as they are designed to control a babies natural startle reflex which can sometimes wake them up unexpectedly during the night.

Recognised by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, the Swaddle UP is designed to support their natural development.

Love To DreamTM swaddles are available in 0.2 TOG, 1.0 TOG and 2.5 TOG temperature grades. Please refer to our temperature chart below to see what TOG will suit you best:


All babies are different, and these steps are only designed to aid your routine. We wish you all the luck with your bedtime routine and hope that you find these tips helpful.

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