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Safety at Christmas

Christmas can be such a special time for families, with lots of memories to be made. But we need to ensure that the memories are positive ones when it comes to child safety. 

In order to help with this, we have made a useful guide about keeping your family safe during the festive season:-

  • Some families may choose to consume alcohol over the holiday period. Just ensure that there is always a responsible adult to take care of the children during this time. Alcohol should be kept out of reach of children and stored safely. Fred Door Blocks can transform a regular kitchen cupboard into a child proof cupboard, allowing alcohol to be safely stored. Just remember that Safe Sleep Guidance, does not recommend co-sleeping if alcohol has been consumed.
  • Ensure that Christmas tree lights are safety approved and in good working order. The Christmas tree
    should be secure and children should not be left unsupervised with it. They can look so beautiful that it
    can be tempting for a child to attempt to reach a shiny bauble, which may result in it falling over. Not
    only is there a risk it could fall on your child, electric lights and water (if a real tree) are not a good
  • An open or log burning fire can be a beautiful addition to a cosy, Christmas atmosphere. But to prevent
    burns ensure that appropriate fire guards are used and children never left in their presence unattended.
  • Candles should be placed well out of children’s reach, never left lit unattended and blown out on leaving a room. Checking your fire alarm regularly is also advised.
  • New toys often require new batteries. Ensure that these are screwed in, so that they cannot be accessed by children. Store any unused batteries out of children’s reach.
  • Christmas Dinner can be a lovely event, but can take a lot of effort to prepare. It is important that the kitchen environment remains safe. Knifes should be kept out of reach and stored in a child proof drawer. Fred Drawer Catches can keep little hands out of drawers with sharp knifes. Ensure that electrical equipment is kept far back on the counter out of children’s reach. The hob is often a busy place at Christmas with a variety of seasonal vegetables cooking. The Fred Hob Protector can prevent children accidently tipping the contents.
  • If you are staying with family or friends and using a travel cot, do not be tempted to place a duvet or blankets on top of your travel cot mattress even if it is thin. Safe Sleep Guidelines recommend that a flat firm surface is the safest option. Risk assess any new environment to ensure that it is suitable for your child.

This is meant as a general guide to promote home safety over the Christmas period. But it is important to assess your individual home and children’s individual needs to ensure the safest environment possible.

Wishing you a happy and safe Christmas.

Written by Susan Wallace from Settled Petals

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