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Keep Baby Warm as the Night’s Get Colder with a Reer Nursery Heater

With the Autumn chill here to stay and the night’s getting darker earlier every day in the countdown to winter, it is time to consider how you will keep baby cosy during the nighttime routine.

Most parents choose to bath children at night as part of the wind-down to bedtime, but this can often result in tears when bath time is over. Often, we assume that baby cries after the bath because they enjoy the feeling of the water, but often these tears are actually a baby’s natural reaction to the sudden change in temperature when they are taken out of the bath.

We know ourselves that when you first get out of a lovely warm bath and have to reach for your towel, the icy blast can be uncomfortable! But for babies, this feeling is magnified as they are unable to regulate their own body temperature and are of course too young to understand that the feeling is temporary, so that is when the screaming starts! Thankfully, there is a solution…

Introducing the Reer Nursery Heater

Working to make bath time simpler and safer, Reer has designed a nursery heater to aid in the final step from bath to bed. The Reer nursery heater is ideal for heating the changing table to help babies stay warmer during nappy changing and after bath time.

The heater works by concentrating heat where it is needed, without heating the whole room. Not only does this reduce household energy consumption, it also stops babies’ sleeping areas from becoming too warm. This is an eco-friendly option compared to conventional heaters, reducing the need for excess heating by targeting the heat where it is needed.

The Reer heater can be mounted on the wall above the changing table so it is easy to reach and does not take up floor space. Alternatively, the pedestal attachment allows it to be stood next to the changing table and can be moved from room to room, giving parents greater flexibility. This free-standing style is height adjustable up to 185cm and lightweight for easy movement.

The fire safety feature ensures that the heater automatically turns off after 10 minutes, so even if busy new parents forget to switch it off, there is no risk of overheating. It also has an automatic off switch in the event that it falls over. Unlike conventional heaters, this greatly reduces the risk of fire if the heater is left unattended.

Say goodbye to bath time temperature changes

After a bath, babies experience a dramatic drop in their body temperature as they shift from the bath water to the temperature of the room. It is quite common for their body temperature to reduce by 15°C or 59°F or more. In response to this, babies automatically begin to cry to warn their caregiver that they are in danger, at the same time helping to generate heat in their bodies. Unfortunately, this can spiral out of control and parents can end up coping with the tears long after the danger has passed.

A changing table heater can help parents to reduce after-bath shock by providing a warm space for their baby to rest in whilst they dry and change them. This simple product can make the difference between tears and giggles. It can also make the difference between a baby catching a cold or not. It can even help to prevent a more serious illness by supporting their immune system.

The heater provides gentle, targeted warmth enabling parents to maintain a more constant and comfortable heat for their baby, whilst reducing the risks associated with a drop in body temperature. This translates to fewer meltdowns and more relaxed bath times.

You have probably invested in a bath thermometer and maybe a room thermometer, the Reer nursery heater is just one more layer of protection for young children that can have a big impact.

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