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My Carry Potty Real Mum Stories: Featuring The Popitha Twins

What were your very first thoughts regarding toilet training?

The thought of potty training twins terrified me and like everything, I really felt I had no idea what I was doing!

What were your biggest challenges when toilet training?

Firstly, I didn’t know whether to train the twins together or separately, what would be easier and when the best time to start was. You read and hear so much about how ‘my little one was dry at a year’, it felt like the pressure of training two was really on.

What did you think you needed to start toilet training?

I decided fairly quickly that I was going to potty train when we were all ready and not worry what everyone else thought and I’ll be honest and say that I kept putting potty training off. There was always something in the way and I just really couldn’t face it. I thought that just after the girls turned two that I should start to do something.

Was there any help out there for you to turn too?

There are always lots of forums on Facebook to ask other people’s opinions and I often turn to twin pages to ask for advice. I find speaking to others that are going through the same as you, is always a massive help. I also turned to ‘The Potty Training Academy’ for advice as their resources were very child friendly and I wanted something that the girls would connect with.

When did you first hear about My Carry Potty/ Potty Training Academy?

I heard about My Carry Potty and Potty Training Academy when the twins had just turned 2. I was looking for some visual aids to help me and guide me through the training and these products were perfect.

We heard about My Carry Potty on Facebook about a month into starting potty training and The Potty Training Academy not long after. 


Do you feel that using a My Carry Potty/ Potty Training Academy has helped your toilet training journey?

Yes, although I didn’t feel that the girls were ready to train at 2, I wanted to start laying down the foundations and preparing them for what was to come. The Potty Training Academy packs provide books, dvds and give guidance to welcome your little one to the potty world by introducing likeable and fun characters that they can relate to. The characters in the story are twins so the girls loved this!

What advice would you give to parents who are thinking about toilet training?

Don’t rush it. Just because your friends little one was trained at one, or your family are telling you your child really should be potty trained, only you really know when they are ready and don’t worry what everyone else thinks.

I introduced the potty concept just after the girls turned two but I didn’t ‘train’ them straight away.

I made sure that I had plenty of potties around the house. 2 upstairs, 2 down stairs as well as toilet seats for all of the toilets. I started with bath times and got the girls to sit on the potty just before they got in the bath. There rarely did anything initially. I then started introducing the Potty training academy story book and dvd, they even sat on the My Carry Potties whist watching it so they could be like the characters! Even though we did this, the girls still didn’t show much interest initially, although I am sure they were taking it all in.

After about 3 months, I started giving the girls ‘nappy free time’, so for 20 mins morning and evening I did this and every 10 mins asked them if they needed to sit on the potty. We had a couple of wees in this time and I made sure I gave lots of praise.  

When the girls turned 2 yrs 6 months, I really should have gone for it, but we had holidays coming up so again I put it off. I didn’t think it was fair for them to be training whilst sitting on an airplane and I didn’t want to start, and then take a step back by putting them in nappies so I decided that I would give it a go when I returned.

By now they were 2 years and 8 months. We had long periods with no nappies on when at home and had had very few accidents, and I mean only one or two each. So I discussed with the girl’s nursery and with their support we decided to go for it and to complicate things just that little bit more, I was 8 months pregnant! They could wear nappies for nap and bedtimes but big girl knickers at all other times. I believed that the girls were more than ready by now.

That was a month ago. Twin 2 hasn’t had any wee accidents and only 2 poos. She just got it and amazingly she is dry at night too. Twin 1 has taken a little longer but I can still count the accidents on my hands. It goes to show that if you don’t rush things, it works. I do treat the girls though. If they do a wee they get two mini chocolate buttons, and if they do a poo, they get something slightly bigger. I did do presents but found that sweets worked better and for this short period of their life, I went with the junk food option!

What is the one thing that you wished you had known before toilet training?

The children will tell you when they are ready.

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