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Vanchi NU Leather Ziggy Tote

Vanchi NU Leather Ziggy ToteVanchi NU Leather Ziggy Tote
Vanchi NU Leather Ziggy Tote
Vanchi NU Leather Ziggy Tote Vanchi NU Leather Ziggy Tote Vanchi NU Leather Ziggy Tote Vanchi NU Leather Ziggy Tote Vanchi NU Leather Ziggy Tote
  • How much baby stuff do you have to carry? - Watch the vanchi bag challenge in action
from £25.00

Over the shoulder, tote–style changing bag with laser cut diamond patter with accessory pack

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from £25.00
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The Vanchi Ziggy tote looks classic, current and will fit loads of yours and babies kit in. The slouchy and voluminous design hugs neatly under your arm and hangs perfectly from your stroller.

The Ziggy has a wide opening zip making it much easier to find things at the bottom of the bag. There are two large, handy magnetic close pockets on the outside so it’s easy to find your phone, wallet or keys.

The shoulder straps are rolled and stitched for extra comfort and to protect from wear and tear.

All vanchi bags come with beautifully crafted accessories to make your life really easy:

Inside your Vanchi changing bag

Cheeky Tip

Want something even more luxurious? Try the Vanchi genuine leather range.

Q & A's

Product Questions

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How do I clean my Vanchi Bag?
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Are the bags baby safe? Do they contain anything that will be harmful to my baby?
Does this bag come with a shoulder strap so you can walk and it not falling off my shoulder when pushing buggy and holding onto my toddler!
When will the vanchi NU ziggy tote in woodstock be in in stock??
  • Customer review

    Katie, 05/12/2012

    After 3 children, I finally hit gold with the 'nappy bag' on the 4th child. I love my VANCHI bag.

  • Customer review

    Tina, 05/12/2012

    Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! - so excited and can't wait to use it.

Warranty 12 months from date of purchase
Packaged Length (cm) 34
Packaged Breadth (cm) 20
Packaged Width (cm) 47
Washing Instructions NU Leather bags are made from PU and can be cleaned with a soft cloth and warm soapy cloth. We do not recommend submerging in water. Washing your bag will result in an unfavourable variation to the surface of the fabric, lessening the beauty and the shine
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