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Stylfile Nipper Clipper

Stylfile Nipper Clipper
Stylfile Nipper Clipper
Stylfile Nipper Clipper Stylfile Nipper Clipper Stylfile Nipper Clipper Stylfile Nipper Clipper Stylfile Nipper Clipper Stylfile Nipper Clipper Stylfile Nipper Clipper Stylfile Nipper Clipper Stylfile Nipper Clipper Stylfile Nipper Clipper Stylfile Nipper Clipper
  • Find out more about the Nipper Clipper and the Timmy Tickle Baby App
  • Make clipping baby nails safe and fun with the Stylfile Nipper Clipper by Cheeky Rascals
from £9.99

Make cutting baby nails easy. Safety spy hole and easy-hold handle make cutting infant nails simpler. Also includes a curved S-file Baby to gently smooth nails.

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from £9.99

The Nipper Clipper by Tom Pellereau from BBC's the Apprentice is the easy easiest way to cut baby nails.

Expertly designed, the Nipper Clipperfeatures an oversized handle so that the nail cutter is easy for adult hands to hold and use. The ingenious spy hole ensures you can see exactly where you are cutting – perfect for wriggly babies. The curved S-file Baby gently smooths nails for a perfect end result.



The cutting blade is also unique and gently snips soft baby nails using a smooth action that is kinder to a baby’s hands

Nipper Clipper








"Nipper Clippers are my 'can't live without' baby product - DD's nails grow so quickly, baby nail scissors don't work, just a file takes forever. Quick snip with these (they have a peep hole so you can see what you're doing) and file the edges with the dinky curved nail file that comes with them, and job done."
- Mrs Millions

Timmy Tickle App  


Each Nipper Clipper also comes with a mini S-file for gently shaping nails and the brilliant distraction app lets you get on with cutting nails while your children are entertained! Click here to get the Timmy Tickle App.

Q & A's

Product Questions

Why doesn’t the clipper part open the whole way?
What is included?
Where can I download the Tommy Tickle distraction app?
Can I use Nipper Clipper on adult nails?
How is the Nipper Clipper different from a regular nail clipper?
  • Customer review

    Fiesta Tots, 08/07/2015

    I personally Love Love Love this product. I hate nail cutters at the best of times, then I cut the top of my daughter's thumb off (not much, but oh so much blood and tears from me and her). From then until I found the Nipper Clipper, I vowed never to allow nail cutters near my children.
    The Nipper Clipper however, is unlike anything else on the market and really is easy to use and stops accidents. It has the controlled slice of scissors but with the speed of clippers. Perfect if you ask me.

  • Customer review

    Dayveez, 06/07/2015

    Take a bit of getting used to, but do a great job. And since I bought it, I haven't had any trouble with pinching my wriggling two year old's fingers!

  • Customer review

    RC, 06/07/2015

    Having tried a few methods to cut my baby's nails, these are by far the best and the ones I am most confident using as the wee peep hole bit means you can see exactly what you are trimming and know you are not hurting them or missing the nail.

  • Customer review

    Ami, 06/07/2015

    These work really well and I've not caught my babies skin once which I did easily with nail scissors.

  • Customer review

    L H George, 06/07/2015

    Amazing product! Easy to use, no accidents, the file gives a smooth finish- what more do you want!

  • Customer review

    Louise Anderson, 06/07/2015

    I bought these despite my youngest being 1 and a half and I truly believe that they are worth the cost, despite what some reviews may say. I agree that they are not the easiest to work straight away, but with a little practice I think they are really easy to use and make the job much quicker.
    I have always loathed nail cutting but it's not a job I mind now at all, I even use them on my own nails and cannot fault the product!

Warranty 12 months from date of purchase
Packaged Length (cm) 18.5
Packaged Breadth (cm) 2
Packaged Width (cm) 5.3
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