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Stabilis Home Safety Kit For LCD And Plasma Screens


Home Screen TV Safety Kit with universal fit.

Stabilis Home Safety Kit For LCD And Plasma Screens
Stabilis Home Safety Kit For LCD And Plasma Screens Stabilis Home Safety Kit For LCD And Plasma Screens Stabilis Home Safety Kit For LCD And Plasma Screens Stabilis Home Safety Kit For LCD And Plasma Screens Stabilis Home Safety Kit For LCD And Plasma Screens

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Fitting LCD and Plasma screens up to 60 inches in size, the Stabilis kit will secure your TV so that even the most inquisitive, excitable toddler is prevented from tipping or pulling over the television and causing an accident.

The simple, discreet design fixes a screen to a wall or a piece of furniture (e.g. a TV stand) and has a telescopic bar, which means it can be easily adjusted to fit a wide range of screens. A built–in rotational plate swivels so that you can adjust and move the television’s viewing angle.

The kit comes with all the fittings needed to fix to glass, wood or plasterwork.

Cheeky Tip

Remember to check the fittings securing your TV regularly.

Instructions Stabilis Instructions
Warranty 5 years from date of purchase
Packaged Length (cm) 76
Packaged Breadth (cm) 14
Packaged Width (cm) 5
Assembly Required Self Assembly required
Safety Meets Safety Standard EN71-3
Product Composition Meets Safety Standard EN71-3
Washing Instructions Wipe Stabilis components parts down with a damp cloth.
  • Customer review

    Rory, 12/07/2013

    Location: Ireland
    This is an excellent product and worth every cent. It is very versatile and comes with fitings that will suit most TV's. The instructions are straight forward and the product can be fully assembled in 20 minutes.

  • Customer review

    Pembridge, 15/05/2012

    Location: Amazon August 2011
    With a 2 year old running riot about the place this seemed a perfect solution to the problem of "tv tipping" - and it is!

  • Customer review

    Andy, 15/05/2012

    Location: Worcester
    I constructed and fitted this in about 1/2 hour, without a problem.

  • Customer review

    Dan the Worrier, 15/05/2012

    Location: Belfast
    Our baby is at the crawling and pulling her self up stage, this gives a great deal of peace of mind.

  • Blog review

    Spud & Spike, 08/05/2012

    When Spike started pulling himself up on the TV unit, our previously baby proofed living oom became a death trap so we asked Cheeky Rascals if we could review the Stabilis Home Safety Kit for LCD and Plasma TV screens. We decided a video review would be better suited to show you how easy it was to fit and how brilliant it is. At only

  • Blog review

    Emmys Mummy, 08/05/2012

    As a parent the above image scares the life out of me. We are lucky enough to have a nice big Plasma screen TV which is 32" sitting on a TV cabinet identical to the one above - only bigger. When Emmy started crawling she soon became fasinated with the DVD's, wires and very quickly the TV. When we were presented with this (See pic on the left) I began researching ways of making our rather heavy TV safe and secure from our little climber; as each year with TV's getting bigger and bigger more children and pets have been injured or killed by toppling TV's. Now obviously I do not care about the TV but I do about my daughters safety. Now I must admit that it took me ages to find what I was looking for as I didn't actually know myself however I never give up and did find the perfect solution, this was the Stabilis Home Safefty Kit. The Stabilis Home Safety Kit for LCD and Plasma Screens is a universal solution that secures your flat panel TV in the home, to make it safer. It has been manufactured and tested to prevent children accidentally pulling large TV's forward onto themselves.

  • Staff review

    Donna, 01/05/2012

    Location: Liss
    The stabilis is being used on my 40

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Can I fit it onto my glass unit?
Does the stabliis stop the TV from moving forward and backwards?
Does it affect the good looks of my lovely flat screen TV - do you see it when its fitted?
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