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Piccolo Mixed Tester Box

Piccolo Mixed Tester Box
Piccolo Mixed Tester Box
Piccolo Mixed Tester Box Piccolo Mixed Tester Box Piccolo Mixed Tester Box Piccolo Mixed Tester Box Piccolo Mixed Tester Box Piccolo Mixed Tester Box Piccolo Mixed Tester Box Piccolo Mixed Tester Box
from £6.00

Try all the flavours with our convenient Tester Box with 1 of each of the 6 Piccolo Stage 1 Pouches. You'll be getting 6 for the price of 5.

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from £6.00
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Exclusive to Cheeky Rascals - Our Piccolo Tester Box includes 1 of each of the 6 Stage 1 Organic Pouches plus a FREE Piccolo Tote bag*! Buy a tester box of 5 pouches and get one Free. RRP for a single pack is £1.20. Each pouch is specially prepared for babies just starting on solids, perfectly smooth, 100% organic and deliciously tasty - you might want one for your lunch too!

Piccolo are all about Mediterranean Goodness: bright sunshine, colourful markets, families eating around the table… Piccolo believe that introducing a pinch of Mediterranean goodness helps develop your little piccolo's taste buds from when it matters most. Piccolo fruit pouches are perfect for pud after a veggie pouch, or as a nutritious snack between meals. They never contain added sugar, sweetener, artificial flavours or preservatives. And all this goodness is packaged up in handy on-the-go pouches for you to pop in your bag.

Preparation and Usage:

Squeeze the contents into a bowl or straight onto a spoon. To warm the pouch, stand it in hot water + check it's not too hot. Never put the pouch in the microwave.

Once opened, Piccolo pouches should be refrigerated and consumed within 24 hours. The cap should be replaced and securely screwed on before refrigerating.


Feed Hot or Cold Suitable for Freezing


All stage 1 recipes are suitable from 6 months and are great first tastes for your baby,

smooth fruit and vegetable purées to excite their tastebuds.

Further information on each of the stage 1 pouches can be found below. 

Click here for homemade receipes for when you feel like a spot of cooking.



Spring Greens with a hint of Mint

This smooth puree is a delicious combination of fresh ingredients, packed full of greens; creamy spinach and courgette with sweet peas and juicy apple and pear, rounded off with a fresh zingy hint of mint.

Pears (35%), Apples (35%), Peas (15%), Courgette (10%), Spinach (5%), Lemon juice concentrate, mint

Stage 1 / 6 months +, Suitable for vegetarians, Allergen Free, Gluten Free

Spring Greens

Apples with Apricot and a pinch of Cinnamon

The sweet and juicy apples in this recipe perfectly balance the tangy richness of the fresh apricots. A pinch of cinnamon lifts and warms up this classic puree, perfect on its own or swirled into full fat Greek yoghurt or porridge.

Apples (76%), Apricots (24%), Cinnamon

Stage 1 / 6 months +, Suitable for vegetarians, Allergen Free, Gluten Free

Apple and Apricot


Blueberry with Banana and a hint of Vanilla

Blueberry brings a burst of freshness to this naturally sweet puree of bananas and apples. A comforting flavour made even more special with the addition of the velvety smooth and sweet vanilla.

Apples (51%), Bananas (29%), Blueberries (20%), Vanilla powder

Stage 1 / 6 months +, Suitable for vegetarians, Allergen Free, Gluten Free

Blueberry and Banana


Peaches and Apple with a hint of Basil

This delicious recipe takes the classic combination of of sweet, delicate flavoured peaches and juicy crisp apples and adds a hint of the Mediterranean with the basil. This unusual addition makes this recipe a much-loved favourite in the Piccolo family, especially in the summer months.

Peach (54%), Apple (46%), Basil

Stage 1 / 6 months +, Suitable for vegetarians, Allergen Free, Gluten Free

Peaches and Apple


Cherry & Yoghurt with wholegrain oats

Our cherry and apple yoghurt is a deliciously rich and creamy yogurt, which is not only full of taste, but extra goodness of wholegrain oats.

Apples (43%), Whole Milk Yoghurt (Milk) (30%), cherries (24%), Wholemeal Oat Flavour (Gluten) (3%), Vanilla Powder.

Stage 1 / 6 months +, Suitable for vegetarians, Contains Gluten. Contains Mik

Cherry and Yoghurt


Butternut squash, red pepper & chickpea with a hint of rosemary

The sweet and smooth flavours of butternut squash and red pepper are exciting tastes that babies usually love. The chickpeas bring a rich, nuttiness and the hint of rosemary adds an extra depth of flavour to this classic Mediterranean combination.

Apples (49%), Butternut squash (21%), Chickpeas (15%), Red pepper (15%), Lemon Juice concentrate, Rosemary

Stage 1 / 6 months +, Suitable for vegetarians, Allergen Free, Gluten Free

Butternut Squash and Red Pepper


Choosing suppliers with the greatest of care

Working with farmers to ensure that not one of the ingredients that goes inside a Piccolo pouch, have anything to do with GMO, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers from seed to fork, or spoon! Piccolo believe in clean, fair foods for everyone, and that is part of the Piccolo promise. They strive to keep the travel miles of our ingredients to a minimum, and are in close contact with all of their farmers. However, to source some of the ingredients, such as organic bananas and vanilla bean, Piccolo have to travel a little farther afield. 


Giving Back

Good, real and honest food is at the heart of Piccolo. Piccolo are on a mission to encourage a life-time of healthy eating from a young age. That is why they are committed to giving 10% of profits to help fund food education charities, providing practical support around baby nutrition to parents. Find out more here.

Safety Warning:

The pouch cap could be a choking hazard to children under 36 months. Please always keep out of their reach. If the pouch is damaged or look's inflated with air, do not feed it your baby. Contact us directly and return the damaged pouch to us.


Stage Two:

Piccolo's Stage 2 recipes help your baby transition from first tastes to more complex tastes and textures, with a variety of meal inspired blends.

Find out more here >

Q & A's

Product Questions

How long can you store an open pouch of Piccolo?
At what age can I give Piccolo from?
Do they contain any sugar?
Are there stage 2 pouches?
Instructions Store in a cool dry place. Once opened keep refrigerated and consume within 24 hours
Warranty In respect of any problems contact us on 01730 895761
Safety The cap could be a potential choking hazard. If the pouch looks damaged or inflated do not feed to your Piccolo.
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