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Formula Pro

Formula Pro
Formula Pro Formula Pro Formula Pro Formula Pro Formula Pro
  • Formula Pro - How to prepare the perfect Baby Bottle of formula milk
  • Formula Pro - Setting Instructions
  • Formula Pro - Control Panel How To
  • Formula Pro - Do's and Don'ts

Specially designed to make preparing bottles quicker and more accurate

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Formula Pro takes the hassle out of preparing formula bottles of milk. At the touch of a button, Formula Pro measures the water and then the formula powder to mix up a feed at the perfect temperature and consistency.

For parents who make the decision not to breastfeed, whether for personal, health or other reasons, or for parents who choose to supplement their baby’s breast milk with formula, preparing bottles becomes a regular, potentially stressful chore. But with Baby Brezza, formula bottle preparation is now a breeze!

What makes preparing food with the Formula Pro so easy?

No waiting! – Once the machine is set up with water and powder, it is always ready, all the time. Water stays at near body temperature!

Ideal for easy digestion and baby’s enjoyment.

No Mess! – Dispenses perfect formula to water ratio so you don’t have to manually scoop powder.

No need for bottle warmers. Fast! Bottles are prepared in under 30 seconds.

One-handed – Easy to make a bottle while holding baby.

Works with most major formula brands - Just set the in-built measuring wheel to the correct size once you’ve identified your formula brand and the matching setting in our manual or check here. Works with all bottle brands and sizes. Formula Pro is a hygienic way to store your powder and will add the correct amount of formula every time – no more forgetting how many scoops you’ve added.






What's in the box?

Full contects

Breastfeeding is always the best for a newborn but if it isn’t possible, or you have an older child and have moved on, then Formula Pro makes precision preparation easy.


Q & A's

Product Questions

How do you clean the machine?
When the water comes out of the machine it smells of plastic, have you found this?
The Water Tank appears to not be keeping the water at the correct temperature. How can this be fixed?
Should the milk be 37 degrees when it’s in the bottle or do you not give a temperature guide? It seems to be a lot cooler when it reaches the bottle.
Does this unit have a UK power plug?
As I understand the powder itself must be added to water at a temperature of above 70 degrees to kill any bacteria in the powder as it isn't sterile. How does the machine allow this to happen if it combines it to the perfect temperature.
Do I need to add boiling water or water above 70 degrees when preparing my bottle of formula milk?
How can I tell whether it will be OK with the milk powder that I use?
My Formula Pro is dispensing less formula than indicated on the control panel. Why?
My Formula Pro is dispensing the wrong amount of powder.
Is the Formula Pro BPA and Phthalate Free ?
Does the Formula Pro add any boiling water or water hotter than 70 degrees to the formula powder?
  • Customer review

    Sterljewels, 25/01/2016

    I bought this product and haven't had any regrets. It is a life saver for a new born baby especially when they are in the stage of cluster feeding and u have to make a bottle every so often. I've tried breast feed alone and it didn't work as my princess never seemed satisfied. This product is wonderful and would recommend to all mother who is thinking of bottle feed their lil one to get a formula pro. It makes making a bottle in the wee hours of the night with a screaming baby and two drained parents so much easier.

  • Customer review

    Anon, 27/07/2015

    I wasn't thrilled when breastfeeding didn't work out for me and my little one and was even more disappointed with the powdered formula making process. Then I saw the Brezza Formula Pro which stopped me in my tracks. It does everything you'd ever want... Its instant (no waiting for the water to warm up because the machine keeps the water warm constantly), it's all in one (preload the formula on top of the machine - never smell that stuff again), it mixes as it pours so no need to measure water or shake up any bottles. You push 2 buttons and it does it all in one small- footprint-on-my-counterspace machine. Need to make a bottle with one hand? Done. Need to make a bottle a 2 am and again at 4 am? No problem. It's simply perfect. It's like going from washing laundry on a washboard to the baddest washing machine on the market today. Simply, it's a game changer.

Instructions formula pro instructions
Warranty 12 months from date of purchase
Packaged Length (cm) 42
Packaged Breadth (cm) 28.5
Packaged Width (cm) 27.5
Product Composition plastic
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